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Windows Phone Blog Menu is a Silverlight navigation control that looks like a Windows Phone 7. The live tiles in the control are links to websites. Use this control on your blog or website to show your love for WP7. It is a creative way to link to external sites to show your interests. Unfortunately, CodePlex blocks Silverlight access to the Browser DOM, so navigating from the sample control on the left is not enabled. Visit to view the control in action. See below for more information


  • The applications arrow (top right) offers the ability to display full page content in the control beyond just the tiles
  • Static tiles are implemented as you see fit, such as images or XAML elements (eg. path objects)
  • Two animated live tile controls are included in the project, one that flips and one that doesn't
  • Customize the tiles and behaviors to suit your needs
  • If you use this project please consider including a link back to the project website somewhere in your application

How can I contribute?

Many improvements can be made to this control. Here are my top 3 suggestions.
  • Create a slide effect to allow more than 8 tiles on the phone
  • Twitter and Facebook status integration with live tiles
  • Add functionality to the Back, Home, Search hardware buttons

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